Background Checks for Online Dating: Before taking the next step of meeting in person, consider hiring M-R GROUP for a noninvasive background check on your potential mate. M-R GROUP can give you the peace of mind and confidence to proceed into the next step of your relationship.

Background Checks for Online Dating:

Background Checks for Online Dating:

  • You can alway’s do a Google search your potential date, but that will not tell you everything.

  •  M-R GROUP has access to far more important details that will paint the whole picture: Re-interview witnesses in the case to determine inconsistencies in stories

  • Background Checks for Online Dating
    • Public Records Databases (Domestic and International)

    • Comprehensive Information Research

    • Criminal (i.e. Sexual and Violent Crimes, Identity Theft) and Credit/Financial History

    • Driving History (more serious drinking and driving convictions, excessive speeding tickets)

    • Employment History

    • Reference Checking

  • Related Services at M-R GROUP for Criminal Defense Investigations:

    • Surveillance

    • Background Check and Investigation

    • Undercover and Covert Investigation

    • Computer and Physical Evidence Forensic Services

    • Locate Investigation

      • To find other suspects, witnesses

    • Public Records and Comprehensive Information Resources

    • Shredded or Destroyed Document Reconstruction

M-R GROUP Network:

  • Global resources network for domestic and international work

  • Constantly evolving technical capabilities to adapt to advances in electron M-I Group and technology

  • Use of cutting edge technology and equipment


  • Consultation for Needs Analysis

  • Design an Action Plan

  • Engagement and Fees

  • Execute Action Plan

  • Present Thorough Documentation of All Results/Findings

Are you in Need?

If you are tired of trying to meet people in bars and clubs and have decided to go online to find the next special someone, then you might be at risk. There is no way to know who is actually on the other end of your emails, even if they seem perfectly genuine and sincere. The internet is a perfect place for identity thieves as well as violent and sexual criminals to find their next victim. Don’t let yourself walk into a very dangerous situation without knowing all of the available facts. First, Call M-R GROUP for a background check before you venture out to meet your online partner, and let us protect you before it is too late.

Case Type Difficulty

  • Effort: Rudimentary  Investigations

  • Duration: 3 – 14 days

A consultation for this investigation type may request the following information:

  1. Will you need these services on a regular or recurring basis?
  2. By what date do the services need to be complete?
  3. What is the purpose of the investigation?
  4. What is your relationship to the subject?
  5. Does the subject use IM, Chat or Email?
  6. Please list any dating services or websites the subject has used:
  7. Please list any websites, social networking sites, enthusiast group, online games (MMOs) or forum sites the subject is known to have used or currently uses: (ie. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Instagram or any online gaming platforms such as World of Warcraft, WhatsApp, Handcent or other chat applications.)
  8. What have you done on your own to this point? (This can be very critical to success)
  9. Could someone’s employment be affected adversely from the results of this investigation?
  10. Will the results of this investigation be used in a court of law?
  11. What identifiers do you have for the subject?
  12. Does the subject have a propensity toward violence, physical and/or verbal?
  13. If you used a search engine to find us, please type the keywords here:
  14. What type of employment does the subject have?
  15. Describe the circumstances and requirements of your case to us. Please include any and all information that may be important. Even the most minor detail can be considered helpful. (The Story)
  16. Are there any limitations you would need to put on this investigation? (Please explain in detail)
  17. Please understand that the funding for your case may vary depending on the complexity. So that we may help you, what range of funding would you estimate to be affordable for this matter?