Background Investigation

Background Investigation: As a part of combined 30+ years of experience, you can be confident that the M GROUP is specialized and effective as a background investigation company.  Background Checks and Background Investigations are an integral part of the many services we offer.

Background Investigations can provide an in-depth history or insight into a subject’s known or unknown histories. Criminal background investigations, hidden or past assets, financial data, workers’ compensation, employment background investigation, police records, civil history, and other public records are just the beginning of a Background investigation.

Records available to us, as private investigators, are not the same set of records that law enforcement uses. Private investigators are not limited like police agencies when conducting background searches. If we conduct an online investigation or a background check we can often compile complete and accurate records than many government agencies.

Background Check

  • Shorter than Background Investigations

  • Usually Cursory

  • Limited or Specialized for Specific purposes tailored to the client

  • Mostly Centered On Public Records

  • Constrained to a Range of Years Past

Background Investigation

  • In-Depth and more Free-Flowing

  • More Complex

  • No Time Limit of Range of Years Past

  • Access to all of the Records available to MR Group

  • Character Investigations and Profiling

  • Mode of Living and other Pertinent Information

Client Types of Background Investigation and Background Check:

  • Pre-Marital and Pre-Nuptial

  • Business-Related

  • Personal

  • Incident Driven

  • Litigation and Legal Support

  • Insurance Industry

  • Law Enforcement

Examples of information types that can be researched include but are not limited to- past histories with family, neighbors, employers, friends, education, co-workers, professions, credentials, residences, and many more. With our background investigations, you can start determining a character and profile of the subject. Many times your costs are kept to a minimum because of free background check data and free criminal background check sources from many governments. Sometimes all you pay for is our proficiency and expertise.

Items to which you can expect to have access to a Background Investigation:

  • Criminal Records

  • Wants and Warrants

  • Felony Checks

  • Inmate Records

  • Sexual Predators

  • Civil Records

  • Litigation’s

  • Professional Complaints

  • Local

  • State

  • Federal

  • AKA’s

  • Identity Verifications

  • Social Security Number Traces

  • Property Ownership

  • Marriage Licenses Records

  • Divorces Records

  • Drivers Records

  • Death Records

  • Tax Liens

  • Judgments

  • FAA Checks

  • Doing Business As

  • Character and Profiles

  • Mode of Living

  • Psychological Determinates

  • Surveillance

  • Photos of Unknown Subjects

  • Identity Verification

  • Public Records

  • USA Patriot Act Ready

  • Covert Background Investigations

  • Covert and Undercover Assignments

Case Type Difficulty

  • Effort: Rudimentary Investigation

  • Duration: 3-14 Days

A consultation for this investigation type may request the following information:

  1. Will you need these services on a regular or recurring basis?

  2. By what date do the services need to be complete?

  3. What is the purpose of the investigation?

  4. What is your relationship with the subject?

  5. What have you done on your own to this point? (This can be very critical to success)

  6. Could someone’s employment be affected adversely by the results of this investigation?

  7. Will the results of this investigation be used in a court of law?

  8. What identifiers do you have for the subject?

  9. Does the subject have a propensity toward violence, physical and/or verbal?

  10. What type of employment does the subject have?

  11. If you used a search engine to find us, please type the keywords here:

  12. Describe the circumstances and requirements of your case to us. Please include any and all information that may be important. Even the most minor detail can be considered helpful. (The Story)

  13. Are there any limitations you would need to put on this investigation? (Please explain in detail)

  14. Please understand that the funding for your case may vary depending on the complexity. So that we may help you, what range of funding would you estimate to be affordable for this matter?